We all have a story to tell. Video empowers you to share your expertise and captivate your learners. John's specializes at transforming challenging instructional topics into simple, engaging videos.

Educational Videos

The most effective educational videos apply a combination of proven learning design

research and the principles of engaging entertainment multimedia.

Instructional Videos

Leverage the visual nature of video to simplify even the most complex concepts.

This format is vital for engaging learners and helping them develop practical skills.

Microlearning Tutorials

Learn something new in just a few seconds. No topic is too small for microlearning.

This format is excellent for efficiently training professional staff in specific skills, such as software.

Expert Speaker Videos

Connect with your audience on a personal level and demonstrate your expertise.

This format is ideal for personal branding and sharing your knowledge with the world.


One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your quality is through the experiences of others.

This format is perfect for promoting your cause and documenting successful engagements.