To be an effective leader or educator is to apply the art and science of storytelling.

Example Topics

Multimedia Magic: How to Create Effective Instructional Videos

By adulthood, people have experienced tens of thousands of hours of entertainment multimedia. Meanwhile, most instructional videos are boring and ineffective. We can do much better. Blending proven techniques from entertainment multimedia with effective principles for learning design empowers us to create instructional videos that work.

Visual Storytelling: Design Presentations that Inspire

When designed well, visuals have a profound impact on presentations. Let's start using visuals that inspire and immerse people in the stories we have to tell. By applying design principles to your presentations, you will become better at engaging, informing, and empowering your audience through visual storytelling.

Storytelling for Trainers: A Tale of Engagement and Efficacy

Storytelling is a powerful form of communication that many adults have not tapped into since childhood. Yet, effective stories allow us to engage diverse audiences in the learning process. Reawaken your storytelling potential and transform the lives of your learners.