Visuals have a profound impact on how our messages are interpreted and remembered by learners. John uses striking photos to increase clarity and emotion in the learning process.

John has been an avid photographer for more than 10 years. Dozens of his photos have appeared on book covers and inside periodicals. Yet, the best use he's found for photos is to support the delivery of a powerful message through visual storytelling.

John wants all professionals enhance the effectiveness of their presentations. That's why he has made a collection of over 500 high-quality photos freely available for you to use. This collection includes a variety of beautiful photos, such as sunsets, mountains, cities, flowers, and butterflies. 


Download John's Free Photo Collection and begin your visual storytelling journey today!

In sum, you are welcome to use these photos for commercial or noncommercial purposes, without asking for permission or providing credit. For details, see the license text file included in the download. Of course, you are welcome to let John know if you put one of his visuals to masterful use.