Improve Yourself to Improve the Lives of Learners

As a leader, educator, or designer, people rely upon your expertise to drive meaningful outcomes. Together, we can bridge the gap between research and practice to create experiences that transform people's lives. Partner with me to improve yourself and make a powerful impact on your learners.

Coaching Vignette: Pam's Teaching Transformation

Pam is an experienced professional in her field who decided to teach at a local university. She didn't have formal training in education, but was enthusiastic and innovative in her approach to supporting learners.

We started with a discussion of Pam's challenges and aspirations. She identified three key goals. For Pam, it was important to find ways to engage different kinds of learners, rapidly assess in-class activities, and collect improvement feedback.

Pam immediately got to work by designing new activities for her course that semester. Each week, we shared ideas, materials, and feedback to enhance Pam's approach. She was able to see the impact of her efforts on learners and increase her effectiveness each day.

Our partnership helped Pam develop a system for continually improving her teaching. Better yet, Pam was empowered to carry her system forward into future semesters. That enabled Pam to confront even bigger challenges and continue her professional development journey.

"I highly recommend John as a technical expert with a deep sense of empathy and desire to help individuals be successful!"
-Angela Payne, PhD

"John has a deep understanding of the learning sciences literature and an exceptional ability to synthesize, sequence, and explicate complicated content."

-Jeff Bergin, PhD